We Have No Purpose

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Teenagers are afraid of the future, of the question “what are you going to do with your life?” While we are afraid of what we will do, we are most afraid of what we won’t: we are afraid to waste our lives. In a culture that has told us we have no purpose except the one we assign to ourselves, (follow your dreams, do what you love, be successful!) some of us ask the question

“Is that enough?”

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A Fallen America


I don’t know about you, but I always feel hypocritical around Independence Day. On the one hand, I have spent six months discussing, or rather professing, America’s flaws; it’s politicians and leaders, illogical and unjust laws, and the domestic and foreign issues plaguing, if not our everyday lives, our news medias. On the other hand, Independence Day brings back the passed down memories of the War for Independence, the historical founding documents that sculpted the country that began on the ideal of freedom, and the price that was paid for that freedom. A country boasting a constitution unparalleled throughout the waves of history. And God has given us┬áthe privilege to here. Continue reading