Happy Jane Austen Day!

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Dear Friends,
Happy Jane Austen Day! On this day in the year 1775 one of the greatest calssic writers of all time was born. In contrast with her literary genius and eloquent word-playing her life is not so exciting. She was mostly homeschooled and self educated by reading. Her father  : possessed over 500 titles until he passed away. Jane never did marry and resented the fact that, in a family without a father, marriage of the children was the only way to support the widow and any children who had not married. She was engaged once, only to reject the proposal the next day.

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The Great Influence of Reading

Have you ever looked closely at a recently exposed stump? Perhaps you saw the intricate rings pulling themselves closer and closer to the center, go on before our eyes into eternity. The smell of wood shavings, the coarseness of the bark all add to the picture in our minds. Rings upon rings building what was a towering accomplishment, a natural fete. Something beautiful. Continue reading

Dismal Reflection No More


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Reflecting cat

The chilly drops of water falling from the sky speedily splashed on my warm cheek. And it felt good. I seemed to live and breath cabin fever, it felt good to be relieved from it. As my long legs stolled leisurely down the dirt road, I realized how much I missed the outdoor air. My brain felt too full of stuffy air, like inside the Fangorn Forest. Inside me, the longing to be a carefree little girl again was swelling. What was there to look at out here? Why was it so freeing? No coat, no flashlight, just myself and I on a dark, wet road. Continue reading

The Hardest things

Crown of thorns and the cross

Jesus, The Only Way

Sometimes all we need to do is sit back and take a deep breath.  You might have heard that one before.  Other times, the best thing to do, or the easiest, can be to throw yourself into the task at hand.  Today, that might be true for just about all Americans. Thanksgiving is the time when we push and push and push to get the house clean (and keep it that way) until the new year. Continue reading