Book Review: Deep Work (Cal Newport)

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Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted WorldMy rating: 5 of 5 stars

We realize there is at least some sort of problem with the chains of distraction in our modern world. We have struggled with it at some level in our own lives. And we have desired to stop, whether we commit to that desire or not. Continue reading


Sticky Post: Consistency

We hate inconsistency. We hate undependable action, or lack there of. We look to others to provide this glorified virtue but we can forget ourselves. This is a common fault, and we, at least I, am no foreigner to it.

For months I have been busy, which has made it impossible to depend upon my writings. My problem has been that I have only been focused on me and my time and I forget those depending on me. So today, I want to update you on how this blog will continue, so you can decide if I am worth your time. Continue reading

Trying Something New

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Imagine you have a hammer, you love your hammer, it’s beautiful and new, and it can do so much. Building and creating; benefiting you, you bring it with your everywhere. You take your hammer to work, constantly admiring it, and enjoying everything it can do. But then things take a turn when you leave work, instead of focusing on driving, you are admiring the glossy coating on your hammer; instead of greeting your family you stare intently at your hammer; you pay close attention to it, but not to your loved ones; instead of being content with the little jobs and tasks at home you can’t wait until you can get back to your hammer. Time that could be spent investing in what you enjoy is taken over by intent, one-on-one time with your hammer.

And you are looking at me, puzzled and very confused, how this has anything to do with you? Continue reading

Dismal Reflection No More


Cat sleeping on mattress

Reflecting cat

The chilly drops of water falling from the sky speedily splashed on my warm cheek. And it felt good. I seemed to live and breath cabin fever, it felt good to be relieved from it. As my long legs stolled leisurely down the dirt road, I realized how much I missed the outdoor air. My brain felt too full of stuffy air, like inside the Fangorn Forest. Inside me, the longing to be a carefree little girl again was swelling. What was there to look at out here? Why was it so freeing? No coat, no flashlight, just myself and I on a dark, wet road. Continue reading

Looking in two directions…at once

Pine needles are strewn over the floor, Christmas decorations are being neatly (or not so neatly) put away, tears roll down the cheeks of the kids, goodbye to Christmas? Never! I kiss the foreheads of my Nutcrackers and roll them up in the old Christmas tree skirt, the Christmas CD’s are still out, waiting for the day when they too will collect dust till next year. All those things feel like they still have a dim magic about them, that will grow and grow till next year. Continue reading