We Have No Purpose

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Teenagers are afraid of the future, of the question “what are you going to do with your life?” While we are afraid of what we will do, we are most afraid of what we won’t: we are afraid to waste our lives. In a culture that has told us we have no purpose except the one we assign to ourselves, (follow your dreams, do what you love, be successful!) some of us ask the question

“Is that enough?”

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Trying Something New

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Imagine you have a hammer, you love your hammer, it’s beautiful and new, and it can do so much. Building and creating; benefiting you, you bring it with your everywhere. You take your hammer to work, constantly admiring it, and enjoying everything it can do. But then things take a turn when you leave work, instead of focusing on driving, you are admiring the glossy coating on your hammer; instead of greeting your family you stare intently at your hammer; you pay close attention to it, but not to your loved ones; instead of being content with the little jobs and tasks at home you can’t wait until you can get back to your hammer. Time that could be spent investing in what you enjoy is taken over by intent, one-on-one time with your hammer.

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