Book Review: Deep Work (Cal Newport)

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Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted WorldMy rating: 5 of 5 stars

We realize there is at least some sort of problem with the chains of distraction in our modern world. We have struggled with it at some level in our own lives. And we have desired to stop, whether we commit to that desire or not.

In his book Deep Work Cal Newport focuses in on the world we live in and our distracted thinking. The first third of the book contends that the best results come from intense work. The next part contains advice on how to achieve it. He points out that we don’t work with intensity any more: distraction has reprogrammed our brains. Newport introduces deep work as complete and distraction free focus for full potential.

As an assistant professor, the writing and style is clear, thorough, and supported. The logical flow made it easy to read and the scientific support made it interesting. While some of it is hard to hear, it is true. He addresses the path that our world is starting to follow, which jobs will survive, and which workers will thrive.

Deep Work inspires you to pursue your full potential through committed effort, I am definitely going to revisit this book, and its impacts can be astronomical. In so much of life there are no distinct areas for pure work and no distinct areas for recharging. The practical advice equips you to build to your highest efficiency possible.

I would definitely recommend this book, because of how applicable it is to the work we do, be it school or writing or work. The one thing that I didn’t appreciate was the lack of humility in the author.

Deep Work reflects the significance of a purpose: our purpose. This book is even more meaningful when taken in the context of Christianity, God created us to work. In a perfect world we work, Deep Work makes it possible to pursue our purpose to the fullest.

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