The Whirlpool



I wonder if God looks down on us little people, watches our pride and vanity while silently trying to hold in laughter. I mean, if God were like that, which He isn’t. But humanity is worth laughing at! We are like chickens, strutting around with a giant ego and incredible abilities to make people laugh at our strutting pride. And then suddenly the chicken will get caught in some unpleasant situation, or perhaps they will be walking along, thinking the world of themselves and then plop! There was a ditch there! But you know what they say…


I beg to differ: first of all, life is not a race! It is standing at the wrong end of the rocket, hanging on for dear life. (Credit to Heidi). And second of all, it is impossible to go slow and Rocketsteady in such a chaotic world as we live in. Let me tell you about my nightmare in hopes you will find it hilarious.

While trying to recover from a relentless cold and frantically rewriting and memorizing a ten minute speech for the next tournament…we put the house on the market. Frantically rewriting and memorizing becomes frantically cleaning, polishing, and depserately hoping the next clients are perfectionists. The relentless cold is shoved into the back corner and you finally think things are slowing down when you remember the tournament and then mom comes home one day from taking care of the animals with a ripped thing in her knee and can barely walk. She need surgery and the fastest, most wonderful cleaning body in the house will need a six month recovery space…with two week of down on the couch doing nothing…

Not while the house is on the market!

I hope you are falling over with laughter at the incredible humor of our great God I mean, just take a step back and look at how great we silly humans think we are. And then…

Life. Throws. A. Curve. Ball.


Bam! And you are knocked to the ground without knowing what hit you. And from our point of view, the “good” we are entitled to (yeah right) is gone and we start whining like little siblings. Not just little kids. But the little siblings. Music to the teenager ears.

Now before you start glaring at me, I would like to say I am not complaining. I want to make you laugh, and help you to see something a little differently. Gandalf illustrates this perfectly.

Gandalf Quot

I cannot phrase it better.

If you would like a little breather, like poetry, and want to read something short I suggest  “The Nun’s Priest’s Tale” from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Read it slowly, and soon you will be laughing at the incredible sense of humor, I know I was! Click here for the online pdf.

Blessings in Christ,


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